Count on us to reach out to you about midterm and final grades, course registration, and much more.  Whether it’s an individual appointment, a sponsored workshop, or an announcement in our IP Picks bi-weekly student bulletin – we’ll be working to ensure you have the resources you need to be a successful student. 

Stay eligible!

Don’t forget, in order to remain eligible for the I-Promise Scholarship, students must meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements as outlined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.  This means it is essential that you:

  • Rely on the professional staff within your academic program for assistance with course selection and schedule changes. Remember: eligibility for the scholarship runs for 4 years, fall and spring terms only.  
  • Manage your time and priorities appropriately and get involved on campus.
  • Reach out for personal and academic support early and often.  It’s ok to ask questions.
Important dates

Closely monitor your progress in each course and be prepared to take action when necessary. Stay informed of important dates and deadlines. See the Fall 2022 calendar below.

August 14th-21st

University housing move-in

August 15th

Fall tuition and fee charges first appear on student accounts


August 19th-September 30th

Health Insurance Change/Waiver Period

August 22nd

First day of instruction

August 22nd

Deadline for students to register for first classes without being charged $15 late fee penalty

August 23rd

Late registration begins via Student Self-Service

August 26th

Last day to add a 1st 8 weeks (POT A) course

August 26th

Last day to drop 1st 8 week (POT A) course for refund

September 2nd

Last day to add/drop semester course

Septmber 5th

Labor Day - NO CLASSES!

September 16th

Last day to drop 1st 8 week (POT A) course without grade of W

October TBD

Faculty deadline to report grades for freshmen

October 14th

Deadline to drop a full semester course without grade of W

October 14th

Deadline to elect credit/no credit for full semester courses

October 17th

2nd 8 week (POT B) courses begin 

October 21st

Deadline to add POT B course

October 21st

Deadline to drop POT course for refund

October 31st

Priority registration for Spring 2023 begins

November 8th

General Election Day - NO CLASSES!

November 17th

Spring 2023 open registration begins for all students

November 19th-27th

Fall Break

December 7th

Last day of instruction

December 8th

Reading Day (no classes, no final exams)

December 9th-December 16th

Final Exam period (weekdays only!)

December TBD

Students may view final Fall 2022 grades via Student Self-Service


Your class may have free tutoring resources on campus!  OMSA offers free weekly tutoring sessions for specific courses. Click here to see OMSA's tutoring schedule and drop in hours. 


IUB Pay-It-Later: I-Promise has an arrangement with the Illini Union Bookstore which allows I-Promise Scholars to charge up to $600 in books at the start of each semester.  Remember, you will have to pay back what you borrowed before a specific deadline at mid-semester.  This is especially helpful for students who don’t have the money just yet and plan to use their wages from their part-time Federal Work-Study position to cover this expense.  Read more about Pay-It-Later.

Non-IUB Options: Buying new books when you don’t have to is a very costly mistake!  There are many alternatives for textbooks, such as buying used, buying online, and renting. Check out Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Thriftbooks, and more!