Getting Your Textbooks and School Supplies

We’ve teamed up with the Illini Union Bookstore to offer, Pay-It-Later, a program available exclusively to Illinois Promise scholars!

Students are required to purchase their textbooks and other course materials (things like calculators, school supplies, etc.) but, sometimes, students arrive on campus without the immediate funds to buy these items. That’s why Pay-It-Later allows Illinois Promise Scholars to purchase up to $600 of books and supplies, each semester, with payment due later in the term.  This means that Illinois Promise Scholars can get the books and materials they need, even if they don’t have the money readily available. 

Pay-It-Later FAQs

Pay-It-Later is ONLY available at the Illini Union Bookstore and cannot be used with any other retailer.

There are two ways you can secure your textbooks and other course materials:

  1. Go to the Illini Union Bookstore and gather all of your required course books and any school supplies or other materials you may need for your classes. Be sure to have a copy of your class schedule with you, in case you need help finding things. After gathering everything you need, take your books and materials to the checkout and let the cashier know that you’re an I-Promise scholar and that you’d like to use the Pay-It-Later option. The bookstore cashier will verify your status as an I-Promise student and will have you sign an agreement to repay your balance by a specific date later in the semester.


  1. Order your books and supplies in advance by emailing your complete course schedule, name, and UIN to: (online purchases are not eligible for the Pay-It-Later option). You’ll receive an email once you’re books are ready for pick-up.

It’s that easy!

During the fall semester, payment is typically due no later than the Friday before the Fall Break begins.  For spring semesters, the payment is typically due the Friday before Spring Break.  The payment due dates will be specified on the agreement you sign when picking up your books. 

If you miss paying your balance due by the deadline, you could have a hold placed on your student account.  This hold will prevent you from enrolling in classes, dropping a course, or making other changes to your schedule.

Yes!  Many I-Promise scholars pay their balance with monies from a financial aid refund, funds earned from a federal work study job, or other part-time employment.  All payments made on or before the stated deadline should be made directly to the Illini Union Bookstore. 

There are so many reasons to purchase your items from the Illini Union Bookstore!  Here are just a few:

  1. The bookstore works directly with faculty to ensure that the books in stock are the exact ones you need (correct edition, ISBN, etc.).
  2. All profits from the Illini Union Bookstore go straight back into student programs and activities on campus!
  3. In some cases, you can rent required textbooks instead of purchasing them outright. 
  4. By shopping at the Illini Union Bookstore, you help support student employment on campus—in fact, many Illinois Promise scholars work at the bookstore during the busiest times of the year!

Feel free to reach out to your Promise Coach:

Sarah Watson (for students with last names A-F):
Kristine McCoskey (for students with last names G-N):
Shanicka Burdine (for students with last names O-Z):


Jim Trail, Operations Manager, Illini Union Bookstore: