The combination of awards offered with each Illinois Promise aid package is designed to support food and housing expenses.

On-Campus Housing

All students who are classified as first-years by Admissions are required to live in certified housing. Learn more about the almost 40 halls students can choose from within certified housing.

The Illinois Promise aid package is designed to support living expenses up to $13,938 for the 2023-2024 school year. This amount is calculated based on an average room rate and the All Classic Meal plan. If your housing and meal plan selections exceed the amount above, you may find yourself with less funding available for other necessities and/or out-of-pocket expenses. Contact the Housing Information Office at 217-333-7111 or housing@illinois.edu if you are uncertain, have questions, or need to make housing or meal plan changes.


The choice is yours! University Housing offers multiple options for both living and dining. You can explore the undergraduate residence halls and compare rates at housing.illinois.edu/cost.

Remember, choosing a private room, halls with AC, or newer facilities will be more expensive. To decrease costs, some students choose alternative meal plans or have more roommates.

Why live in University Housing?

  • Supportive staff available 24/7
  • Safety & security
  • Make friends
  • Academic support
  • Living Learning communities
  • Special Options communities
  • and much more!

Ready to renew your housing? Visit housing.illinois.edu or contact the Housing Information Office at housing@illinois.edu.

There are 14 housing options that are privately owned/operated yet are certified by Illinois. University Housing & PCH are comparable in price and, like UniversityHousing, PCH includes dining options, trained staff, and a wide range of amenities and room preferences.

No matter what, we advise you not to sign more than one housing contract/lease!

The application process varies for each PCH. Schedule a tour today to determine which facility is best for you and to learn about their application process.

Want to explore options in PCH? Visit their website to check out the options at certified.housing.illinois.edu.

Off-Campus Housing

Your I-Promise award can be used for both on-campus and off-campus housing options for continuing students. C-U has many rental properties. It is critically important that you ask questions and read the fine print before you sign a lease. Remember your aid doesn't disburse until the beginning of the term. It is your responsibility to plan ahead for any upfront deposits or first month's rent.


Off-Campus Community Living (OCCL) provides support to students residing in privately owned apartments and homes. 

OCCL can help with:

  • Apartment search
  • Review contracts/lease
  • Property reviews
  • Cost comparison 
  • and much more!

Thinking about moving off-campus? Visit OCCL today at occl.illinois.edu.

Chicago and CU Emergency/Short-Term Housing

If you are in need of housing over short-term breaks or in emergency situations, please refer to the following lists for housing options: